Permanent Resident Visa


Permanent Resident Visa

A PR (Permanent Resident Visa) is an immigrant visa that allows a professional to live, work and settle in any region of a foreign country along with his/her family permanently. Obtaining a PR Visa eventually leads to citizenship upon meeting specific requirements. Except for the right to vote, political involvement or any critical government positions, a PR visa holder will have most of the perks that a citizen of the country has.  

Benefits of a PR Visa

As a permanent resident, you have the following benefits, 

Popular Countries to get a Work Visa

Here is a list of some of the most in-demand work visas:

   Live, work, study or travel anywhere in the country.
   Avail financial incentives like buying a home and access to student loans if you choose to study at any of the country’s universities.
   Access to wide range of better paying jobs of high caliber.
   Enjoy various social security benefits like, worker’s compensation, tax breaks, etc.
   Protection under the country’s law.
   Availing all the benefits equal to that of a citizen.
   Can apply for citizenship when meeting specific requirements.
   Access to world class public Health care system.
   Can bring spouse, parents and children to the country.
   Free schooling for children.

Most preferred countries for PR

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