About us


10+ years of experience in visa services

We are a one stop solution for all your abroad dreams. We help people to live, work, study, settle and travel around the globe. We possess strong knowledge in the domain of overseas landing for the past 10 years. We have successfully processed over 3000+ visas and made our clients lives brighter. Our visa success rate is 100%.

We've been in the process of supporting professionals to migrate along with their families and settle with a Permanent Resident Visa in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom. Also, we help job aspirants to land in a successful job and thereby build a solid career through Work Visa processing. Pursuing a challenging and satisfactory career is very much possible through our student visa processing. We explain the futuristic aspects and perks for the students in a practical and possible way, so that they eradicate their fears and concentrate on their future goal. On the whole exploring the world has just become very easy and Hussle free now.

Why Go Hawk?

Highly Professional

We are qualified and up-to-date with migration rules and requirements, so that we can provide accurate advice on client’s visa options and assistance with the preparation and lodgment of visa application.

Higher Chance of Success

We ensure that the client has the best chance of getting a visa approved by ensuring the application is as strong as it can be. We are well-versed in the minor details of visa applications and will ensure that all the clients visa application bases covered.

Knowledge and Expertise

We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure all aspects of a visa application are completed correctly and have all the relevant supporting documentation. We are aware of any changes that are made to visa pathways or the visa application process and would recommend the best for our clients.

Removes Stress and Saves Timeg

We will be in continuous conversation with the Case Officers or Department of Home Affairs or other relevant organizations regarding client’s application status. We would complete the visa application in a timely manner.

Solve Complex Issues

We will assist our clients and work out the complex issues in visa application process and hopefully help our clients work towards a successful outcome.


Our Vision

Go Hawk Overseas Consultants evolved with the vision to empower individuals to move forward in their lives globally. We aim in building a better career and creating a global pathway for every individual who approaches us with an abroad dream.


Our Mission

We aspire to be a most reliable and most preferred brand in Immigration and Non-Immigration Consultancy by providing quality service with high professionalism.


Our Values

Integrity, authenticity, dependability and customer satisfaction are the core values of our organization.


Happy Clients